Name Job title Role
Henry A. J. Ramos, ’80 Political Economy of Industrial Societies; J.D. ’90 Senior Fellow, The New School Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy Advisory Board
Assistant to the the Dean, Randi Shussett
Michael Rapé Dr. K. Peter Hirth Chair of Cancer Biology; Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology; Investigator, HHMI IFM
Raka Ray Dean, Social Sciences Division Dean
Rebecca Perlman Assistant Professor, Political Science New Faculty: SocSci
Ricarda Hammer Assistant Professor, Sociology New Faculty: SocSci
Carl "Chip" Robertson, ’94 History Co-Managing Partner, Warland Investments Ltd Advisory Board
Ellen Robey Professor IFM
Mark J. Robinson, ’88 History & Political Science Partner, Centerview Partners Advisory Board, Emeritus Member
Erica (Bree) Rosenblum Professor IFM
Albert Ruhi Assistant Professor IFM
David Savage Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology IFM
Kimberley Seed Associate Professor IFM
Michael Shapira Associate Professor IFM
Sarah Stanley Associate Professor IFM
Amy Sugarman, ’96 American Studies Executive Producer, iHeartMedia Advisory Board
Michi Taga Professor IFM
Nadine M. Tang, M.S.W. ’75 Associate Clinical Professor, University of California, Berkeley Advisory Board, Emeritus Member
Frederic Theunissen Professor IFM
Jeremy Thorner Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology and William V. Power Chair in Biology (1991-2011), And Affiliate, Division of Cell Biology, Development & Physiology IFM