Name Job title Role
Tianna Bruno Assistant Professor, Geography New Faculty: SocSci
Trevor Jackson Assistant Professor, Political Economy and History New Faculty: SocSci
Jack Tseng Assistant Professor IFM
Neil Tsutsui Professor, Michelbacher Chair of Systematic Entomology, and Director of the Central Sierra Field Research Stations IFM
Brian Marshall Turner, '95 Molecular & Cell Biology Executive President of the Americas at Slalom Advisory Board
Khatharya Um, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice Social Sciences Leadership
Fyodor Urnov Professor of Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, and Development and Director for Technology and Translation at the IGI IFM
Vernadette Gonzalez Professor, Ethnic Studies New Faculty: SocSci
Annie Viveier, B.S. Assistant Dean of Academic Personnel Social Sciences Leadership
Liza B. Wachter, ’81 English President, Spiegel and Grau Advisory Board
Judy Wade, ’85 Economics Managing Director, CPP Investments Advisory Board, Emeritus Member
Ian Wang Associate Professor IFM
Matthew Welch Department Co-Chair and Professor of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology IFM
Noah Whiteman Professor IFM
H. Michael “Mike” Williams, ’82 Economics Former Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of California, Berkeley Advisory Board
Natasha C. Wong, ’97 Political Science Vice Chair, Avery-Tsui Foundation Advisory Board
Ke Xu Associate Professor IFM
Michael Zuerch Assistant Professor IFM