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Mathematical & Physical Sciences

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Curiosity is our birthright as human beings — and every student has the capacity to explore scientific topics. By cultivating the skills to investigate and analyze our world, we create responses to fundamental questions. Encompassing five academic departments, the Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences empowers scientists at all stages of their careers, from first-year students discovering the illuminating power of math to Nobel Laureates shedding light on the universe and all its contents.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access

The Mathematical & Physical Sciences Division is a national leader in addressing the persistent problem of underrepresentation in the sciences in the U.S. Berkeley enrolls and graduates more underrepresented minorities with Ph.D.'s in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering than any other university. Our staff is available to assist undergraduates and graduate students, as well as prospective students.

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Our People

With a full-time faculty of about 160, the Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences seeks to expand our physical and mathematical understanding of the universe, from its microscopic substructure to its largest structures, from our own Earth to the edge of the universe and the beginning of time. The language used is mathematical. Discovery and understanding advance by the interplay between theory and experiment or observation.

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Support Mathematical & Physical Sciences

To compete with our private peers for the best faculty and graduate students and to deepen our efforts to engage and serve undergraduates, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, we require the involvement of our philanthropic partners.

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