L&S Salon Series

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Keegan Houser

The L&S Salon Series showcases the exceptional diversity and range of disciplines embedded across the five divisions in the College of Letters & Science.

This series brings together L&S faculty and students from different disciplines to interrogate and explore a universal question or idea from disparate fields and perspectives. Explore this webpage to learn more about our upcoming events and watch recordings of past L&S Salons.

L&S in the Age of AI: Research Innovation Across Disciplines

October 19, 2023

This L&S Salon brought together a digital artist, a psychologist, and an astrophysicist to explore the transformative potential of AI within the vibrant context of research and liberal arts education at Berkeley Letters & Science:

Led in conversation by Marion Fourcade, Director of the Social Science Matrix and professor of sociology, these researchers discussed how their diverse fields are progressing in the age of AI. Hosted at the Faculty Club's Great Hall, the panel concluded with a lively Q&A session and reception.

Group photo of L&S Salon panelists, two men and two women smiling at the camera indoors

Moderator Marion Fourcade (left) with panelists: Josh Bloom, Alex Saum-Pascual, and Keanan Joyner. All photos by Brandon Sánchez Mejia.

L&S Salon: L&S in the Age of AI - Research Innovation Across Disciplines

What is a Fact?

January 24, 2023

"There are no facts, only interpretations."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

In this thought-provoking panel, a professor of mathematical logic, a research psychologist, and a literary philosopher shared how they each approach the essential and sometimes tricky question, "What is a fact?"

Led in conversation by L&S Executive Dean Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, these researchers discussed how their disparate fields answer this question and the implications for the world beyond the university. 

L&S Salon: What is a Fact (January 24, 2023)

Group shot of panelists from What is a Fact

Executive Dean Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (left) with panelists: Kent Puckett, Antonio Montalbán, and Linda Wilbrecht.