Supporting the Mathematical & Physical Sciences

In our division, transforming inspiration into knowledge requires a bedrock of resources.

The Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences has a history of generating breakthroughs that reflect UC Berkeley’s openness to new ideas and its inspiring intellectual climate. We face a diminishing pool of resources to support basic science — the painstaking work behind paradigm-shifting discoveries. More than a means to an end, basic science research is an act of vital engagement with questions that inspire all of us. 

Our Funding Priorities

The strength of our research enterprise is rooted in the talent and drive of our faculty and students. We must ensure that our leading investigators have what they need to excel, while we broaden the possibilities for young people from all backgrounds to engage in scientific inquiry. To compete with our private peers for the best faculty and graduate students and to deepen the engagement of undergraduates, we require the involvement of our philanthropic partners. Your investment will help us: 

• Attract and retain top faculty and graduate students by providing professorships, chairs, and fellowships. 

• Support basic science research by providing flexible funding sources to meet an ever-evolving set of needs. 

• Ensure equity of access and research opportunities for all undergraduates interested in  our division.

Faculty Support

Maintaining the excellence of all our programs depends on our faculty who drive our scientific research and teaching missions. We seek to build a strong foundation from which we can recruit and retain the best minds in our division’s fields.

Graduate Student Support

Graduate students are the vital bridge connecting research to teaching. On one hand, they work alongside faculty to bring research ideas to fruition and reveal new directions. On the other, they are teachers and role models to undergraduates on the path to self-discovery. Yet competition for the most promising graduate students is fierce, and we often cannot match the financial packages some universities provide.

MPS Scholars

The Division is committed to improving the experience of its underrepresented minority students and in so doing, increasing the access and representation of URM students who choose majors in the mathematical and physical sciences. In 2021, we are launching MPS Scholars, a division-wide approach that will create the conditions for undergraduates to thrive, graduate and pursue STEM careers, in either industry or graduate programs.

Support the Needs of Our Departments

You are also invited to support the discretionary funds within each of our departments. These funds are used to support student activities and awards, colloquia and seminars, graduate student recruitment and other emerging needs. In short, these funds help create a collegiate atmosphere in each of our departments and add to the lives of our students and faculty.

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Meet the Fundraising Team

Maria Hjelm is the Assistant Dean of Development for the Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, and prior to that, she was the Director of Development and Communications for the Physics Department. She holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Headshot of Rachel SchaferRachel Schafer is the Director of Development for the Divisions of Biological Sciences and Mathematical & Physical Sciences in the College of Letters & Science. Previously, Rachel led fundraising efforts for the Physics Department and College of Engineering at UC Berkeley. She has a B.A. in journalism from Guangzhou Unviersity, Guangdong, P.R. China and an M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies from the University of San Francisco. 

Tim Schneider is the Director of Development for the Divisions of Biological Sciences and Mathematical & Physical Sciences in the College of Letters & Science. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, Tim supported fundraising efforts in nonprofit organizations including EarthJustice and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in American Studies from California State University, Fullerton.

Ryan Guasco is the Associate Director of Development for the Divisions of Biological Sciences and Mathematical & Physical Sciences in the College of Letters and Science. Prior to joining Berkeley, Ryan held positions at the Dominican University of California and Stanford University. He earned a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Arizona.