Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

Welcome to the Mathematical & Physical Science's Diversity Office!

The MPS Diversity Office provides support and assistance to the MPS community at Berkeley to increase diversity and inclusion, and to achieve equitable educational and career outcomes for all in MPS. We advise and support undergraduates and graduate students, prospective students, student organizations, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, staff, department managers, and Chairs in the mathematical and physical sciences. We generate and lead diversity-focused programs, educational activities, and services, and conduct internal  program assessments for the MPS departments. We work with and represent Berkeley MPS to statewide and national partners and organizations. Our scholarly research is both local and national in scope, and informs the development of new initiatives in and for the MPS Division.  

Meet Our Team

Colette Patt, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Division

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Claire-Marie Kooi

Associate Director, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Scholars 

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Alison Schopmeyer

Program Coordinator, Mathematical & Physical Sciences DEIA Office

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Contact Us

Email: mpsdiversity@berkeley.edu

Office: Dwinelle Hall, Room 2409

Phone: 510-642-0919