Biological Sciences


Dean Michael BotchanDean Michael R. Botchan

The Division of Biological Sciences encompasses a breadth of disciplines spanning all levels of organization and encompassing diverse organisms. With about 112 full-time faculty in two departments, the division offers a variety of programs that allow students to prepare for future careers in professional fields such as health sciences, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, environmental science, and academia. Undergraduate majors are encouraged to gain experience through independent research studies by working closely with faculty in cutting-edge research using advanced technology. 

Dean and Staff

Dean:  Michael R. Botchan

Senior Associate Dean:  Richard M. Harland  

Associate Dean for Strategic Planning:  Edward E. Penhoet  

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Gian Garriga

Associate Dean:  Daniela Kaufer

Director of Academic Administration:  Hanna Knight

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration:  Heidi Wagner

Assistant Dean of Development, Development and College Relations:  Kirsten Swan 

Graduate Diversity Outreach Coordinator:  Audrey Knowlton 

Divisional Program Associate:  Michelle Perez-Robles

Contact Information 

Biological Sciences Division

College of Letters and Science

101 Durant Hall 

Berkeley, CA 94720-2920

(510) 642-3331

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