About the Division of Biological Sciences

Students examining specimens under a microscope in an integrative biology lab

Photo by Neil Freese

Transforming Our Understanding of Living Organisms

UC Berkeley’s Division of Biological Sciences generates profound shifts in our understanding of the function and behavior of living organisms. New insights — many discovered in our laboratories — fuel the widely accepted belief that the life sciences form the defining research enterprise of the 21st century. CRISPR genome engineering, immuno-oncology, telomeres and telomerase, the proto-human “Ardi,” and the molecular behavior of insulin — these are examples of world-altering discoveries that originated at Berkeley. With about 112 full-time faculty in two departments, our undergraduates and graduate students learn from and work with some of the world’s leading scientific minds, deciphering the interplay of living systems from the intracellular to the ecosystemic to the planetary.