Web Hosting

LSIT provides managed web hosting to L&S departments and related units. In our hosting environment, departments can get a shell site with "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth very quickly, with access to two of the most common and versatile content management tools around - WordPress and Drupal. We recommend WordPress for sites with simple requirements. We leverage the campus relationship with Pantheon(link is external), a dedicated Drupal and WordPress hosting provider. Pantheon provides three environments for each site so you can conduct development and testing without affecting the live site, and several plans based on site requirements. For more information, contact us from the home page of this site.

Common Hosting and Support Scenarios:

Basic Informational Website

Administrative, predominantly static content, needs to look professional

Options if you have web CMS / design expertise available ...

Host it with LSIT. 

Host it with GoDaddy, 1and1, DreamHost, etc. This is a basic do-it-yourself option. Configuration and management is left to the developer. Most low-margin hosts provide single environment sites, on-demand updating for core and approved modules, and limited support when there's a problem.

Options if you don't, or you want to save cost on design ...

IST's Open Berkeley program provides a turn-key, easy-to-use platform with all maintenance provided. There's only one theme, but it's Public Affairs approved and has a professional UC Berkeley look, minimizing design costs. 


GoDaddy, 1and1, DreamHost typically offer first year at a reduced rate, then around $10/mo

Open Berkeley $102/mo

Complex Website or Web Application

Precise control over theming, content types, modules, and functionality is required

Options if you have CMS / design / coding expertise available ...

Host it with LSIT. 

Some external vendors run their own proprietary hosting services. They usually have their own staff that can run an entire project. 

Options if you don't ... 

This option requires CMS / design / coding expertise. We can help you hire or purchase these services.


Vendor project and hosting costs vary according to your requirements


LSIT will provide a live person for site spin-up, consulting and basic troubleshooting, core/theme/module security monitoring and patching, campus DNS management and redirects, account permissions, RFP/SOW help, and vendor management.

We are generally available during business hours to help provide these services and strive for an initial response within 4 hours or less.

For sites designed and built by vendors, we are not able to make changes to the design of the site. If the vendor fails to ready the site for required core or security updates, and those updates make the site misbehave, the owner of the site may need to contact the vendor and pay for needed changes depending on the terms of any agreement between the owner and the vendor. We are not content editors for any site.


No external webhost is approved for storing any type of sensitive data. If you need advice please let us know.

Pantheon does not provide video streaming support; we recommend that you host video on one of the public video hosting sites, or on edX(link is external), and embed the videos in your web pages.

For more information on campus offerings, explore IST's Build a Website(link is external) page.