A philanthropic innovation strives to advance humanity through science and community

August 23, 2023
William “Bill” Wing Yen Chu used to enjoy poker and golf until those hobbies were overtaken by a new passion: philanthropy. Hearts to Humanity Eternal is the radical experiment that formed out of Chu’s efforts to rethink what a grantmaking organization can be.

Basic Science Lights the Way series grants public access to great scientific minds

July 14, 2023
This past semester, members of the UC Berkeley community were treated to another thought-provoking series of talks that showcased the work of professors whose research provides the foundation of knowledge for many real-world applications.

Britt Koskella: How to feed a growing — and changing — planet

June 28, 2023
With the world’s population expected to surpass 10 billion people by the middle of the century, nutritional concerns have become much more pressing. The Koskella Lab searches for sustainable treatments for various diseases and pests that impact farmers’ crops. To do so, Koskella and her researchers are looking closely at bacteria.

From newt love-balls to Einstein’s brain, exclusive biology trips delve into the unique and spellbinding

June 14, 2023

UC Berkeley’s Division of Biological Sciences hosted a series of immersive outings to expose alumni, supporters, and friends to some of Berkeley’s top researchers and most memorable research subjects, including rare wildlife, famous brain samples, fluorescent worms, and experimental produce.

A California newt on its migration across the muddy hillsides.


Michael R. Botchan Reappointed as Dean of College of Letters & Science Division of Biological Sciences

February 8, 2022

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ and Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Catherine P. Koshland announced today the reappointment of Michael R. Botchan as Dean of the College of Letters & Science Division of Biological Sciences. Botchan has held this position since 2016 and is a professor of Integrative Biology and Molecular and Cell Biology.


Entrepreneurship For All: A Conversation with Umair Khan

April 26, 2023

Umair Khan’s mission in life, it seems, is to help budding entrepreneurs. “At Folio3 Software, I help entrepreneurs build out their products. At Mentors Fund, I invest in entrepreneurs. At Berkeley, I teach entrepreneurs. And at Zareen's, the restaurant which my wife established, I feed entrepreneurs.”
Umair’s connection to UC Berkeley began through outreach from the Institute for South Asia Studies. These discussions and interactions...

Small-but-mighty Demography Department finds new support in collective alumni effort

After a fruitful career in academia teaching sociology and demography, Elwood “Woody” Carlson M.A. ’73, Ph.D. ’78 was putting his financial affairs in order. He wanted to direct some of his retirement funds to his graduate school, so he contacted UC Berkeley. What he heard shocked him:

Sandile Hlatshwayo: “These are historic times, and they need a historic response”

A personal journey of macroeconomic curiosity has led UC Berkeley alum Sandile Hlatshwayo Ph.D. ’17 to the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) as a senior economist. Hlatshwayo is covering the international portfolio during her year at CEA, which advises the president on trade, inflation, employment, supply chains, and other top economic issues. She is on a temporary leave from the International Monetary Fund, where she began working in 2017.

Hlatshwayo’s career trajectory began with an “econ origin story,” as she calls it, which stemmed from growing up in suburban Ohio and often...

Economy and Society Initiative to Launch at UC Berkeley

February 9, 2023

Logos matrix LS

Economy and Society Initiative to Launch at UC Berkeley

A major grant from the Hewlett Foundation will support a new hub for research and teaching focused on the intersection of economics and government.

— The University of California, Berkeley is launching a new research center...

Award-winning Mentors and their Students

An Undergraduate and a Nobel Winner

Imagine you’re an undergraduate with the great fortune of having a faculty research mentor. And then your mentor wins the Nobel Prize! Welcome to the life of Davina Dou, a UC Berkeley senior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, and a mentee of Professor Jennifer Doudna, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

“Being mentored by a Nobel laureate is both surreal and humbling!” says Davina. “Dr. Doudna is so involved in every aspect of her lab, and it's encouraging to see that her scientific...