Mark A. Rosenthal, ’82 Business Administration

Job title: 
President and CEO, Raleigh Enterprises

President and CEO of Raleigh Enterprises, Mark Rosenthal is responsible for overseeing the operations and investments of the Raleigh Group of Companies. The Raleigh Group has developed, owned and managed a diverse range of real estate assets and operating businesses, including film and television studios, hotels, industrial buildings, archival business records storage, and wineries. Mr. Rosenthal’s day-to-day responsibilities include: qualitative and quantitative operational reviews, strategic planning, marketing, business development, asset acquisition and disposition and employee relations. Mr. Rosenthal initially joined Raleigh Enterprises in 1982, served nearly a decade as the company’s general counsel, over five years as its chief operating officer, and over twenty years as its president. Mr. Rosenthal is a member of the California Bar, as well as numerous local and national bar associations. He is a member of YPO, a leadership community of chief executives and has served on the boards of Los Angeles YPO chapters in various roles, including membership chair, finance chair, and learning chair.