Name Job title Role
Amanda Clayton Assistant Professor, Political Science New Faculty: SocSci
Assistant Dean for Academic Personnel, Annie Viveier
Leonardo Arriola, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean of Social Sciences Social Sciences Leadership
Nitash Balsara Charles W. Tobias Professor in Electrochemistry IFM
Anne Baranger Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Faculty Assistant for Teaching and Learning, and Professor of Chemistry IFM
Gregory Barton Professor IFM
John J. Battles Professor IFM
Marc J. Bensadoun, co-chair, Ph.D. ’91 Physics Seed-Stage Investor and Advisor; Founder and Former CEO of Newfield Wireless Advisory Board, Co-Chair
David Bilder Professor of Cell Biology, Development and Physiology and Affiliate, Division of Genetics and Development IFM
Benjamin Blackman Associate Professor IFM
Carl Boettiger Associate Professor IFM
Michael R. Botchan Dean, Biological Sciences Dean
Michael Botchan Dean of Biological Sciences, Professor IFM
Stephen Brohawn Assistant Professor IFM
George Brooks Professor IFM
Janet Broughton Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science Dean
Stephanie Carlson Professor and A.S. Leopold Chair in Wildlife Biology IFM
Carolyn Smith Assistant Professor, Anthropology New Faculty: SocSci
Anthony Cascardi Dean, Arts and Humanities Dean
Chris Chang Professor IFM