Welcoming New Faculty to the Social Sciences

Meet the new faculty!

Daniel Aldana Cohen

Daniel Aldana Cohen, Assistant Professor: Sociology

PhD, New York University

Research interests: Politics of climate change, investigating the intersections of climate change, housing, political economy, social movements, and inequalities of race and class in the United States and Brazil

Patrice Douglass

Patrice Douglass, Assistant Professor: Gender & Women’s Studies

PhD, UC Irvine

Research interests: Black Feminist Theory, Gender and Sexual Violence, Afropessimism, Political Philosophy

Additional website: https://berkeley.academia.edu/PatriceDouglass

Puck Engman

Puck Engman, Assistant Professor: History

PhD, University of Freiburg

Research interests: History of postwar China with a particular emphasis on socialism

Erin Hartman

Erin Hartman, Assistant Professor: Political Science 

PhD, UC Berkeley
Research interests: Causal Inference, Quantitative Social Science, Survey Methodology

 additional website: www.erinhartman.com

Scott Straus

Scott Straus, Professor: Political Science 

PhD, UC Berkeley

Research interests: Political violence, genocide, human rights, recovery after war, African politics, and political representation of Africa

Alternate website: https://sites.google.com/view/scott-straus/home

Hannah Sande

Hannah Sande, Assistant Professor: Linguistics 

PhD, UC Berkeley

Research interests: Language documentation, West African languages, tone, phonology, morphology, linguistic typology

Stacy Van Vleet

Stacy Van Vleet, Assistant Professor: History 

PhD, Columbia University

Research interests: History of Tibet and Inner Asia; Sino-Tibetan relations; history of science, technology, and medicine; history of religion and secularism; race and ethnicity; institutions; popular culture; manuscripts and printing; borderlands and networks; governance under imperial and national formations

Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson, Assistant Professor: Ethnic Studies & ESPM

PhD, UC Berkeley

Research interests: Indigenous archaeology, Indigenous environmental studies, geophysics, settler colonialism, heritage preservation

Nicholas Laluk

Nicholas Laluk, Assistant Professor: Anthropology

 PhD, University of Arizona 

Research interests: Decolonization, indigenization, indigenous methodologies, Tribal sovereignty-driven research, Indigenous Archaeologies, Southwest U.S.