HD Majors: Reserved Seats

3. How do I meet "Good Academic Standing" to officially declare my HD major?

Good academic standing is defined as earning a 2.0 with no grades lower than a C- in each and all of the following areas: (1) GPA in major prerequisite courses, (2) GPA in the semester that you declare the major, and (3) cumulative UC GPA.

8. Can students who were admitted to a high-demand major choose to switch to another high-demand major?

Yes. Applying to any high-demand major not previously requested on the UC Berkeley admission application would require a comprehensive review. Current students can apply for or or more high-demand major(s) ONCE via comprehensive review. Students will also need to prepare an alternate, non-high-demand major plan.

7. I was recently admitted off the waitlist into the College of Letters & Science. If I had selected a HD major on my application, how do I know if my seat is reserved?

To confirm whether you were guaranteed a seat in your HD major, please go to CalCentral and and look under the "My Academics" tab. You should see your major listed as "Letters & Sci Undeclared UG" with a note just below indicating "Applied HD [Major]."

For example, if you were guaranteed a spot in economics, in CalCentral, in the "My Academics" Tab, you should see your major listed as "Letters & Sci Undeclared UG" with a note just below indicating "Applied HD Economics."

There may be a delay for those admitted...

1. How will students be notified if they have been guaranteed a spot in the HD major they selected on their UC Berkeley application (subject to completing prerequisites, maintaining good academic standing in L&S and filing a declaration form)?

At the time of admission to UC Berkeley: Students will be notified via a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, which will confirm that a seat is reserved for them in the HD major (that was listed as their primary major) on their UC Berkeley application.

After students matriculate: If the student selected a high-demand major on their UC Berkeley application, this will be displayed in the student's Cal Central record under the "My Academics" section. The student's record will officially list "...

6. Will I be able to enroll in the required major prerequisite classes?

Course enrollment is managed by the department offering the course. Please contact an adviser in the department offering the course for enrollment information.

4. What if I don't meet the eligibility requirements to officially declare my HD major? Can my admission to an HD major be revoked?

If a student is reserved a seat in a HD major but does not meet the eligibility requirements to declare, they are no longer guaranteed a seat in their HD major. However, the student has one opportunity to apply to the HD major through the comprehensive review process.

5. Once declared in the major, can I be removed from the major?

Students can be removed from the major if they do not make satisfactory academic progress in their major. Please contact your major adviser for information about the specifics of your major.

2. What is the process for officially declaring my HD major?

After the student completes the required course prerequisites for the HD major and has met eligibility requirements (e.g. good academic standing), they are ready to declare. The major adviser will verify that the student has met all eligibility requirements by their fourth semester or earlier. If all conditions are met, the major adviser will officially declare the student into the major and the student's record will be updated with their new major on Cal Central.