Support Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies serves over 20,000 students and includes three components:

Academic Enrichment

Undergraduate Studies is dedicated to creating and overseeing programs that nurture rich intellectual relationships between faculty members and students. Enrichment programs include the Big Ideas Courses and Undergraduate Research.

Undergraduate Advising

L&S undergraduate major advisers (UMA) help students understand campus-wide requirements, such as general education, academic progress, and time to degree. They also help students identify possible majors.

Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies

Serving as a center for innovations in undergraduate education that extend beyond traditional departmental boundaries, our major and minor programs attract undergraduates who wish to explore intellectually engaging and promising interdisciplinary fields under the direction of scholars who are pioneers in charting these new areas and methods of inquiry.

Your gift will help us continue to create world-class academic programs, enrichment, and experiences for all undergraduates.