Women in Leadership Circle Co-Chair Dee Dee Dickey shares her goals

February 20, 2024

The UC Berkeley Women in Leadership Circle (WILC) is a vibrant and supportive community committed to empowering alumnae of Cal who are in leadership roles across various sectors. At the heart of WILC's mission are the core values of democracy, equity, inclusion, mentorship, and networking. Through monthly activities, workshops, and networking events, WILC fosters both personal and professional growth, encouraging members to reach new heights. We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our new co-chairs, Dee Dee Dickey, with an interview on her experience, goals, and aspirations for WILC.

What inspired you to join WILC as a member?

I loved Berkeley and was excited to find that there is a great group of engaged women alums on the Peninsula!

How would you describe your UC Berkeley experience, and has it influenced your decision to come back to support it through leadership service?

I felt that Berkeley was a special place from the day I arrived as a junior. It was exciting to attend a university in a beautiful setting with strong academics and interesting professors. I appreciated the opportunity to get a great education from professors who challenged me to think deeply and creatively.

I am impressed with the great women I have met through WILC and am honored to take on a leadership role. I enjoy the group’s commitment to growing an alumni community on the Peninsula.

What are you looking forward to as a new co-chair?

I’m excited to help Cal alums feel connected to the university and to each other. It’s been great launching the small dinner gatherings that have allowed WILC members to meet in a more intimate setting. I’m looking forward to continuing them and to trying other ways of bringing the community together.

What are your future goals and aspirations for WILC?

I’m looking forward to creating future opportunities to gather Peninsula alums to learn about the great work at Cal, to socialize, and to give back to the university.

What do you perceive to be the most impactful aspect of this program?

I believe that WILC creates a unique opportunity to connect Berkeley alums to each other to learn, have fun, and enrich our lives.

Who are some of the women leaders at UC Berkeley that have inspired you? 

I was inspired by many of my female professors when I was an undergraduate and a law student.

Dee Dee Dickey graduated from Berkeley with an AB in Social Science and wrote her senior thesis on how Americans think and feel about their work. Dee Dee is a coach who supports professionals who want to thrive at work—and in the rest of life. After getting her law degree from Berkeley Law (then called Boalt Hall) she had a challenging and interesting career in environmental law. Dee Dee practiced in California public agencies as well as in private practice In Berkeley. She focused on legal issues in connection with development of California’s coast and on water quality in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dee Dee also served as the Chair of state and local environmental bar associations.

She is a lifelong learner and is passionate about helping people and organizations reach their potential. Dee Dee loves walking with her energetic dog, watching musicals with her family, and tasting wines with her long-time wine and food group.