Women in Leadership Circle Co-Chair Britt Sellin shares her goals

February 13, 2024

The Women in Leadership Club (WILC) at UC Berkeley is a forerunner in empowering the next generation of female leaders. Established in 2019 to bridge the gender gap in leadership roles, WILC provides a dynamic platform for ambitious women to hone their leadership skills, foster professional growth, and advocate for gender equality across various industries. Through a variety of workshops, keynote speeches, networking events, and mentorship programs, the organization creates invaluable opportunities for members to connect with industry leaders, gain insights from successful alumni, and build lasting relationships with peers who share a vision for a more inclusive future. Below is an interview with this year's co-chair, Britt Sellin.

What inspired you to join WILC as a member?

I love Cal - both when I was there and even after - so I wanted to be more involved, even though it is across the Bay from me.  

How would you describe your UC Berkeley experience, and has it influenced your decision to come back to support it through leadership service?

Berkeley was such a great place for me. It's where I was really able to challenge assumptions intellectually, and find good friends along the way.  The level of thinking and scholarship was top-notch. It was a very challenging place academically - the students were so smart and the professors expected a lot from all of us. Cal really challenged me, and I loved it. When I went to my first WILC meeting, I remember thinking that it had been a long time since I had been surrounded by so many smart and thoughtful people.  I was so impressed by the membership. . . When I had an opportunity to be a leader with this group, I jumped at the chance.  

What are you looking forward to most as new co-chairs?

Serving the Cal community and highlighting some of the incredible research our very talented professors do. 

What are your future goals and aspirations for WILC?

I want this to be a place where you can make friends and do good at the same time. We were so lucky to go to Cal, so paying that forward is always a goal for me. 

What do you perceive to be the most impactful aspect of this program?

The networking between all the incredible women we have in the circle.  

Who are some of the women leaders at UC Berkeley that have inspired you?

I can't speak to any specific women, but I was always impressed by my female professors. I loved that Cal hired Angela Davis way back when, at a time she was, in many circles, seen as a troublemaker.  Cal is always a vanguard for thinking differently. I love that legacy.

Britt’s B.S. in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley led her to a 30+ year career in HR.  Britt’s professional focus is to always have a business impact while also developing and enabling people to be the best they could be. Britt’s career centered on high-growth tech companies. She has held a variety of senior roles at Cloudera, VMware, and Sun Microsystems. As a CHRO, she built an HR team from scratch, led a company through 10X growth, and also took a company public. Britt is passionate about giving back to the community and is currently working with her favorite non-profit, Cristo Rey San Jose’s Work Study Program. 

Recently retired, Britt is living her best life! She plays pickleball, takes drawing classes that she previously never had time for, and is this year's co-chair of WILC. She and her husband are empty nesters in Los Gatos who are lucky enough to have their kids live in the Bay Area as well.