UC Berkeley offers nearly 20,000 students admission for 2022-23

August 10, 2022

The University of California, Berkeley’s 2022-23 admissions season was like no other, marked by a lawsuit and subsequent court ruling that threatened to drastically reduce the number of first-year students offered admission for fall 2022.

Ultimately, state legislation signed in March allowed UC Berkeley to offer admission to more than 19,700 prospective freshmen and transfer students for the new academic year — the same target number it had originally planned for.

UC Berkeley admission figures were released today in coordination with University of California officials, who released freshman and transfer admissions data for all nine UC undergraduate campuses.

At UC Berkeley, about 14,600 students were offered freshman admission, and about 5,250 students were offered admission as transfer students.

The new freshman and transfer admitted classes are comparable to those in the prior two academic years in terms of academic strength and ethnic diversity. Some notable differences include that more California students are being offered freshman admission and that more attractive financial aid packages are being offered to those with the most need.

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