UC Berkeley Faculty Explores How Canadian LGB Voters' Political Preferences Have Evolved

March 8, 2023
Join us for "The Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Vote in a More Tolerant Canada", a colloquium featuring Berkeley's Dr. Eric Guntermann, and Simon Fraser University's Dr. Edana Beauvais.
This presentation analyzes original research on Canadian LGB voters’ political preferences a decade and a half after legalized same-sex marriage. Consistent with prior findings, gay men, and, to a lesser extent, bisexual men, are more left-wing than heterosexual men. A more novel finding is that bisexual women are the most left-wing group. Lesbian women are only slightly to the left of heterosexual women. While left-wing bisexual women are growing, the overall gap between LGB and heterosexual voters has remained stable across generations, because marriage narrows some of the preference gaps.
March 15 | 12:30 pm PT | 223 Philosophy Hall | RSVP here