Three years in, ‘uniquely Berkeley’ psychedelic research center looks to the future

August 29, 2023

Launch a free online class about the science and history of hallucinogenics? Check.

Draw thousands of readers to The Microdose newsletter for the latest on psychedelics research, policy and culture? Check.

Train people as psychedelic facilitators, orchestrate a nationwide survey on public perceptions of ecstasy, and traverse a legal minefield in order to use an fMRI machine to observe people tripping on psilocybin? Check, check and — soon — check.

It’s been a busy three years for the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics. Since it was launched in fall 2020, the center has evolved into an academic hub for innovative psychedelic research and training, leading national conversations around psychedelic policy while also informing fundamental advances in neuroscience and molecular biology.

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