Racism isn’t rocket science — it’s more complicated

November 16, 2021

Black marchers holding signs for civil rights As opponents of critical race theory continue to gather at school boards across the country protesting its use in classrooms, it has become evident that the study of racism in America continues to be seen, by some, as trivial.

But UC Berkeley College of Letters & Science ethnic studies lecturer Victoria Robinson said that understanding the history of America’s structurally racist roots can be just as nuanced as research done in a science lab. And more importantly, it should be celebrated as education that can help bridge communities in a country currently divided along politically racialized lines.

“This history and curriculum has never been more important. It’s something really worth fighting for,” said Robinson, who has taught courses about the impact of race in America’s carceral system for over 25 years. It reminds us of the hard work and the possibilities that can happen when we collectively organize together and imagine together: that incredible things are possible.”

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