"Overcharged and Underserved - Blind Spots in Healthcare" TEDxBerkeley

April 6, 2022

Dr. Julia Schaletzky, Executive Director of CEND, IVRI, and the Drug Discovery Institute, has been chosen as a speaker at the upcoming TEDxBerkeley Event for her talk: "Overcharged and Underserved - Blind Spots in Healthcare".

TEDxBerkeley, an award-winning TED-based nonprofit, seeks to capture the spirit of Berkeley by gathering visionary thinkers and leaders from the Bay Area and beyond to spark new ideas, insights, and opportunities. TEDxBerkeley hopes to engage its eclectic audience by featuring unique talks that are intellectually bold, passionate, and unafraid to question and redefine the status quo. Join us this Saturday, April 9th, as we explore the remarkable human ability to inspire and the ways in which our various perspectives lead us to become more interconnected.

Use the custom discount code, JULIA20, for a 20% discount on tickets to the event. For ticket purchases and more information about the event, please follow this link.

Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases