Oliver O’Reilly is Berkeley’s new vice provost for undergraduate education

July 7, 2022

Oliver O’Reilly, whose 30-year career at UC Berkeley is characterized by a deep passion for teaching and student success, will be the campus’s new vice provost for undergraduate education starting this Friday, July 1, officials announced today. O’Reilly has been interim vice provost for undergraduate education during the past year.

A mechanical engineering professor who’s been on the faculty since 1992 and is former associate dean for graduate studies in the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society, O’Reilly said his vision for the post is to “help students thrive, to improve the student experience at Berkeley, and to do so by working with many different groups across campus, including deans, chairs, instructors and staff.”

“I feel that when I’m working well,” he added, “it’s as part of multiple teams who all are working toward the common goal of helping students and supporting the instructors and staff who help students.”

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