Matrix on Point The War in Ukraine and Its Consequences

March 14, 2022

In the last three weeks, Russia’s political ambitions in Ukraine have escalated into a full-fledged invasion and war. As politicians attempt to negotiate a ceasefire, thousands of soldiers and hundreds of civilians have likely been killed, and more than two million people have fled the country into neighboring Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other countries. The conflict has upended international relations, raised questions about the dependence of the United States and Europe on Russian fossil fuels, and strained infrastructures of refugee assistance and resettlement. How does the war change what we thought we knew about geopolitics, international macroeconomics, the European refugee crisis, and the conduct of modern warfare?

This Matrix on Point event will be an open discussion kicked off by UC Berkeley experts. It will be held in person at Social Science Matrix, 820 Social Sciences Building, on the UC Berkeley campus, and will also be streamed live via Zoom.