L&S Staff Spotlight: Bibi Zaragoza

February 15, 2024

Meet Bibi Zaragoza, Administrative Assistant in the Undergraduate Studies Division. A longtime UC Berkeley employee, Bibi first worked at UC Extension for 23 years before moving to the main campus three years ago. Below, Bibi reflects on the journey that led her here, what she envisions for the future, and a fun fact about her name. 

What brought you to UC Berkeley and your current role? 

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, I experienced unemployment from my job at UC Extension when the mandate to shelter in place was enforced. However, I did not intend to remain idle at home, and as such, I applied for a job at the COVID-19 testing site on campus. Subsequently, as campus began to reopen, I applied for an administrative position with L&S, which turned out to be one of the most prudent decisions I have ever made.

What does “a day in the life” look like for you at work?

This role entails multifarious responsibilities that demand commensurate skills and versatility. My duties encompass unlocking doors, activating the copier, inspecting and maintaining the printers, restocking paper supplies, and procuring inventories. I collaborate closely with the IT team to identify and resolve persistent issues and offer prompt assistance to the faculty, staff, and student workers, ensuring that their exigencies and projects are satisfactorily addressed. 

What do you enjoy about your job?

The ambiance within my department is one of positivity, characterized by the congeniality and camaraderie of my colleagues. I am particularly impressed by the ease with which I am able to balance my work and personal life, courtesy of the division's accommodating and supportive culture. The presence of competent leadership has been instrumental in enabling me to carry out my duties with ease and satisfaction.

In what ways could staff support your work or collaborate with you?

I am pleased to state that I have been fortunate to receive significant support from the entire L&S team, which has extended beyond my professional responsibilities to include personal matters as well. The team's assistance has been invaluable to me, and I am grateful for their ongoing support and guidance.

What are you currently learning or would like to learn?

I have a strong aspiration to pursue a career in event planning. It is my desire to obtain the necessary certification in due course, possibly after my retirement.

What else can you share with us about you or your work? 

In response to the frequently asked questions about my name, please allow me to clarify that "Bibi" is not my legal name but rather a nickname derived from my given name, Brigida. The name Brigida was bestowed upon me in honor of my maternal grandmother. Regrettably, my siblings struggled to pronounce it accurately, leading my grandmother to adopt the nickname "Bibi" for herself and me. Since that time, I have been known as Bibi. 

Person in blue shirt studies a t-shirt held up by someone else at a table

Bibi helps distribute the first L&S t-shirts to community members on campus.

The ambiance within my department is one of positivity, characterized by the congeniality and camaraderie of my colleagues.
Bibi Zaragoza, Administrative Assistant