L&S faculty and staff honored with 2023 Excellence in Advising & Student Services awards

November 13, 2023

UC Berkeley’s Council on Advising and Student Services and awards planning committee recently announced the recipients of the 2023 Excellence in Advising & Student Services Awards, which recognize the recipients' positive and innovative impacts on student learning, engagement, and belonging on the Berkeley campus. 

The award recipients will be honored at a ceremony on Tuesday, November 28, at 3:00 p.m. PST. The full list of awardees is available on the Berkeley Advising Strategy + Training website. Award recipients affiliated with the College of Letters & Science are listed below - congratulations to all, and thank you for your service!

Advising Innovation

Office of Undergraduate Advising, College of Letters & Science T2C Team

Collage of L&S T2C team members"The Transition to Cal (T2C) team’s thoughtful leadership enabled our office to rise above challenges and create a welcoming space for 7,500+ new L&S undergraduates this Fall. Through meticulous planning, innovative thinking, and adaptive leadership, our team found ways to build our office’s advising capacity despite significant staff departures over the last six months. Our commitment to implementing systems change improved student and staff experience with GBA and GBO this year. We enhanced adviser well-being by working smarter (and not longer) while orchestrating impactful programming for incoming students."

  • Brandilyn Buckley, Senior College Advisor
  • Tanya Chirapuntu, Assistant Director

  • Floriberto "Javier" Garcia, College Advisor

  • Wendy Hernandez-Guevara, College Advisor

  • Michelle Logarta, College Advisor

  • Anay Martinez-Schurr, Senior College Advisor

  • Madalyn Morris Huerta, College Advisor

  • Emily Nahem, College Advisor

  • Karla Rodriguez-Sandher, College Advisor

Equity Champion 

Anay Martinez-Schurr, Senior College Advisor, Office of Undergraduate Advising, College of Letters & Science

Headshot of Anay Martinez-Schurr. Person with dark brown hair and light blazer, smiling. Background is a light colored brick wall."Anay Martinez-Schurr is an invaluable leader and contributor to the Berkeley advising community. Her innovative thinking and eye for optimizing processes have been exemplary. As an adviser, she consistently goes the extra mile so that students can thrive, regardless of the academic, personal, or life challenges that come their way. She transforms the institution students encounter and experience by creating a welcoming environment, particularly for historically marginalized and/or non-traditional students. Aside from her impact on students, she has been instrumental in creating connections and fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment in our office. Her efforts and commitment epitomize the mission and values of the university."

Service to the Advising and Student Services Community

Office of Undergraduate Advising, College of Letters & Science Frontline Unit

Collage of L&S frontline staff members

"The Frontline Unit within the L&S OUA often serves as the first point of contact that a student has with the College of L&S. Our current team of seven interacts with a large percentage of the student body as well as campus partners. In addition to handling petition inquiries and requests from students, our frontline services include supporting students via the Virtual Front Desk, in-person front desk, and email advising. We offer timely support with quick questions related to policies and procedures and help students navigate resources on campus. Due to our multiple touchpoints, the Frontline Unit offers some of the most accessible support to students on the UC Berkeley campus."

  • Anna Sanderson, Intake Advisor

  • Brielle Buechler, Intake Advisor

  • Brittany Kulusich, Intake Advisor

  • Cat Ming Hubbard, Advising Assistant

  • Phuong Tang, Supervisor

  • Rachel Remillard, Intake Advisor

  • Saifu Xu, Intake Advisor

Outstanding Advisor or Student Services Staff

Michael Mansfield, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

"TDPS Undergraduate Academic Advisor Michael Mansfield infused all his work with a passionate belief in social justice, an unflaggingly positive disposition, and tireless advocacy for every single student. He approached student concerns with deep compassion and a “yes, we can make it work!” attitude. He worked collaboratively and generously with department leadership and faculty, while also offering knowledge and mentorship to other advisors across campus. In his 21 years with TDPS he initiated a highly successful peer advisor program, led several curricular restructurings, helped revamp our prize selection process to be more equitable, and recently inaugurated an annual department award in social justice, using his personal funds."

Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Andrew Wooyoung Kim, Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology, Anthropology

"Dr. Kim provides personalized, intentional advising rooted in self-reflection to undergraduate and graduate students, promoting Berkeley values in actions and words. Dr. Kim provides holistic feedback that includes strengths and areas for growth that translate to academic and non-academic settings. Dr. Kim serves as a reflective and consistent advisor by providing exposure to new professional opportunities, sharing practices that promote resilience in academia, and creating a space where divergent perspectives both complement and build upon each other. Professor Kim embodies values rooted in compassion, humility, and rigor, making him someone who is most deserving of the Outstanding Faculty Advisor award."