Berkeley Talks: Berkeley Experts on how to fight disinformation

October 8, 2021

In Berkeley Talks episode 125, a panel of leading UC Berkeley experts describe the harms of disinformation and explore potential solutions to its spread, from measures to strengthen old-school local news media to government regulation of tech titans like Facebook and Twitter.

“Disinformation, of course, is not new and we should acknowledge that,” began Hany Farid, associate dean and head of Berkeley’s School of Information, at the Sept. 21 event. “For as long as there’s been information, there’s been disinformation. However, in the digital age, I don’t think it will surprise you to learn that, particularly in the age of social media, the nature and threat of disinformation is quite distinct. …This disinformation is leading — and I don’t think this is hyperbolic — to existential threats to our society and democracy.”

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