Berkeley Physics Celebrates Four APS Prize Recipients

October 24, 2023

Berkeley Physics is pleased to announce Four American Physical Society Prizes:

Headshots of four APS award winners

Clockwise from left: Feng Wang, Geoff Penington, André Walker Loud, and Evan Rule

Feng Wang

Professor Feng Wang has received the Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids(link is external). This award recognizes outstanding optical research that lead to breakthroughs in the condensed matter sciences. Feng is cited “For pioneering and trail-blazing works on the exploration of new physics and exotic phenomena in 1D and 2D quantum materials that have guided advances in the field."

Geoff Penington

Assistant Professor Geoff Penington has received the American Physical Society’s George E. Valley, Jr. Prize(link is external), which recognizes an early-career individual for an outstanding scientific contribution to physics that is deemed to have significant potential for a dramatic impact on the field. Geoff is cited “For computation of the quantum entropy of an evaporating black hole and its radiation.”

Read an article about Geoff Penington on the APS website.(link is external)

André Walker Loud

André Walker Loud(link is external) is a staff scientist in the Nuclear Science Division's Nuclear Theory Group with an appointment in the Department of Physics. He has been elected a 2023 American Physical Society Fellow(link is external), which recognizes advances in physics through original research and publications, and innovative contributions in the application of physics. Walker-Loud is being recognized for his “definitive contributions to fundamental symmetries in nucleons and nuclei, utilizing lattice QCD and Effective Field Theory, including the high-precision computation of the nucleon axial coupling.”

Evan Rule

Berkeley Physics Ph.D. Evan Rule has been selected as American Physical Society’s 2024 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics(link is external). This award recognizes doctoral thesis research of outstanding quality and achievement in nuclear physics. Evan is cited “For the timely development of a flexible and fully general effective theory of muon-to-electron conversion. The formulation establishes an interface between the nuclear and particle physics components of this process that will encourage coordination between the two communities.”

Visit the American Physical Society website(link is external) for a complete list of Spring 2024 Prizes and Awards.