2023 Recipients: Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant Program

September 14, 2023

The Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant Program awards funding to faculty projects that advance new modes of instruction and assessment through technology innovations. Through generous funding from an anonymous donor, the program selected nine projects for funding in 2023. Recipients were awarded up to $50,000 for a one-year grant period and are asked to complete a brief report at the end of the grant year.

2023 Recipients

  • Ani Adhikari, Data Science Undergraduate Studies (DSUS) - “Video Library and Online Resources for Teaching Probability”

  • Anne Baranger and John Arnold, College of Chemistry - “Thriving in the College of Chemistry: A new course to support our first-year students”

  • Clancy Wilmott, John Chiang, Jeff Chambers, Laurel Larsen, Robert Rhew, David Wahl, John Isom, Joel Wanek, Geography - “Building Active Learning and Visual Computation into Geospatial Education: Reconfiguring the Cartography and Geospatial Education (CAGE) Lab”

  • Edmund Campion, Music / Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) - “Innovative Student Engagement and Campus Access to next generation CNMAT Pedagogy Apps (CPA)”

  • Emma Fraser, Berkeley Center for New Media/Media Studies - “OSKI (Open Skills and Knowledge Initiative) Tech: Widening Participation in Technology for Students in the Arts and Social Sciences”

  • Lisa Yan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - “Seamless Learning: Data-driven notification platform for navigating the student experience at scale”

  • Michael Mascarenhas, Environmental Science, Policy & Management - “Creating New Assessments for ESPM 163AC - Environmental Justice”

  • Narges Norouzi & Gireeja Ranade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - “Automation for connection: Scaling Ed responses to be faster, while connecting students”

  • Zachary Pardos, Education - “AI Tutoring Innovations for Supporting High-demand STEM Course”
Berkeley Undergraduate Education Division