Undergraduate Degrees & Programs

Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS) in Undergraduate Studies in the College of Letters & Science (L&S) serves as a center for innovations in undergraduate education that extend beyond traditional departmental boundaries. Our major and minor programs attract undergraduates who wish to explore the most intellectually engaging and promising interdisciplinary fields under the direction of scholars who are pioneers in charting these new areas and methods of inquiry. UGIS has been, and continues to be, an incubator for new ideas — including experimental programs and courses — as well as offering a curriculum designed to promote the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Major and Minor Programs

Area of Study Degree Director (Department)
American Studies Major, Minor Director Andrew Shanken (Architecture)
Applied Language Studies Minor Director Rick Kern (French)
Creative Writing Minor Director Fiona McFarlane (English)
Disability Studies Minor Director Mel Y. Chen (Gender & Women's Studies)
Interdisciplinary Studies Major Director Dylan Riley (Sociology)
Media Studies Major Director Daniel Fisher (Anthropology)
Politics, Philosophy, and Law Minor Director Christopher Kutz (Law)

Undergraduate Programs

College Writing Programs

Military Affairs Program

L&S Major Programs Administered Through Other Schools and Colleges

In addition to the major programs administered through L&S's five divisions, Letters & Science has agreements with several professional schools and colleges on campus for the following non-divisional undergraduate major programs:

Note: Computer Science and Data Science, formerly L&S undergraduate major programs, moved to the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) in Fall 2023. For information on those majors, please visit the CDSS website