Inclusive Faculty Mentorship (IFM): Mentors

 Mentorship Program

  • Training: The IFM Mentor Training program aims to provide a foundation for faculty mentors to build effective and inclusive mentoring for junior faculty. Four modules will provide structure for navigating mentor/mentee relationships and facilitate the development of new skills. By the end of the series, mentors will be equipped to communicate across differences and trained to help junior faculty prepare for tenure review.  

  • Community building: Events and lunches to meet with other mentors and share best practices

  • Mentor Toolkit: Curated and newly developed tools and resources to support the faculty mentorship process.  

  • Department and Decanal Support: Participating Departments and Decanal Units in the IFM are encouraged to uniformly formally recognize the work and effort required to be an effective mentor to junior faculty. This may include development of departmental service expectations to include valuation of faculty mentorship alongside other departmental committee service or participation on dissertation committees.

To become a mentor or learn more...

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