Inclusive Faculty Mentorship (IFM): Mentees


  • Transition support for faculty before start and help with campus on-boarding on arrival 

  • Supported, mentee driven mentorship committees: Flexible but structured mentorship to mid-career or tenure. Modeled after UC Davis’ Faculty LAUNCH Program, IFM program mentorship committees will be composed of three to four faculty members. The composition of the committee will be decided by the mentee

  • Mentee Toolkit: Easy access to resources and tools to help new faculty navagage Berkeley and the tenure process.  

  • Community building: Mentees will be offer opportunities to meet for hosted lunches, and discussions moderated by faculty mentors to build connections between mentors and mentees. Discussions will focus on specific topics relevant to junior faculty, such as “Service: avoiding the tax”; “DEIBJ: building the academic community you want”; “Team management: hiring/firing/setting expectations”; and“Getting through renovations: working with capital projects”.

  • Events and Additional Support: The IFM program will develop additional structured activities for mentees to help develop career skills, such mock study sections for grants to help new faculty hone their grant writing.