Lecturer Definitions

Academic-Year Salary Rate

Salary rate for nine months of service, corresponding to the academic year (August – May). This salary may be paid over 10 months or 12 months. See also Fiscal-Year Salary Rate.

Active Service Modified Duties

Active service modified duties refers to the reduction from normal duties so that an academic appointee may prepare for and/or care for a newborn child, or a child under age five newly placed for adoption or foster care. For additional information about eligibility, approvals and other aspects of this benefit please contact your academic personnel specialist.

By Agreement

A By Agreement salary is a flat-rate salary without percent time. Individuals in this group are not eligible for benefits of any kind. Please contact the Academic Personnel Office for more details.

Excellence Review

When instructional need exists, a lecturer who has completed six years of service will be reviewed to determine if s/he meets the excellence standard required for an appointment to continuing status. See MOU, 7b.C.1. Case tracking is required.

Fiscal-Year Salary Rate

Salary rate for 12 months of service, most often used with staff titles, though not exclusively. See also Academic-Year Salary Rate.


Instructional Workload Course. The calculation of workload is based upon a unit of measurement defined in the MOU as an Instructional Workload Course ("IWC"). One IWC is an instructional offering that is regularly scheduled, requires significant preparation, office hours, and/or grading by the NSF outside the hours of instruction, and meets a minimum of three (3) hours per week.

Lecturer, Pre-Six

A lecturer with fewer than 12 semesters of teaching credit in a department.

Lecturer, Continuing

A lecturer who has passed an excellence review, after completing 12 semesters of service. Assigned ongoing appointment percentages for fall/spring teaching.

Lecturer, SOE

SOE = Security Of Employment. A lecturer hired using departmental FTE who draws a budgeted salary on an ongoing basis. Appointment is not covered by the Unit 18 MOU.

Merit Increase

Continuing lecturers are eligible to be reviewed for a merit increase every three calendar years of service. These cases ultimately are reviewed by APO/Budget Committee (BC). Case tracking is required.


Memorandum of Understanding; also, the “contract,” in this case for Unit 18. The MOU covers several NSF titles, including Lecturers, Field Work Consultants, and Teacher-Special Program.


Non-Senate Faculty – refers to a wide-range of non-ladder rank (tenure/tenure track) faculty titles. The MOU covers several NSF titles, including lecturers.

Pay Period

Pay period is inclusive dates established for payment for the service by an NSF. The pay period for an NSF who is appointed for an entire academic year is twelve months.

Programmatic Change

Programmatic Change refers to changes by the university to the academic programs that may affect the instructional offerings delivered by NSF. These may include mergers, disestablishments of departments, new initiatives, specialization or restructuring of graduate programs.

Proof Of Service

Document used as legal proof that correspondence was sent from one party to another.

Salary Increase

Pre-six lecturers are given a salary increase of two steps upon reappointment to a fourth year (seventh semester) in the same department (provided the lecturer has not received a prior within-range increase of at least two-steps).

Service Period

Service period represents the calendar dates cited in the appointment letter, in accordance with the established academic calendar, during which the NSF provides service.

Teaching Assessment

• L&S policy requires an assessment before reappointment to a 7th semester.
• The Unit 18 contract requires an assessment for pre-six lecturers if they request consideration for reappointment for the following semester, and if a need exists; see MOU 7a.C.4.

Teaching Credit

The number of years of teaching service in the lecturer title (at Berkeley, two semesters = one year). Teaching credit is tracked individually for each department.

Teaching Day Basis

Appointments for less than an entire semester are calculated on a daily basis, based on the number of teaching days in that semester. Further information can be found in the Academic Personnel Manual, Section 600, Appendix 2.

Time-Limited Appointment/Position

Time-limited positions are for a fixed period. Individuals who are appointed to such positions cannot be reappointed to that position beyond the fixed period. A time-limited position must support a program’s stated academic goals.


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