IT Landscape in L&S

Campus has adopted an "80/20" rule for technology and support, attempting to centralize and automate 80 percent of campus IT needs for efficiency and cost containment. Being a top research university full of creativity does leave a number of IT needs that are not of a scale or kind that will apply to 80 percent of the users - and that's where "local" IT comes in. LSIT and a number of L&S units have IT resources for particular situations. All of us, as One-IT, are partnered together to provide the highest level of service possible to the campus. While the details vary across L&S, the following chart may be a helpful guide ...

What CSS IT Does

Computer SupportApplication SupportPurchasing
PC and Mac Support Adobe Creative Cloud Desktops
General Troubleshooting BearBuy Laptops
User Setup CalPlanning Computing accessories
Install/upgrade hardware/software CalTimer
Connect printers or multifunction devices CalAnswers
Employee disconnect/reconnect for moves bConnected - bCal, bMail, bDrive
Assist with security alerts Box
MS Office Productivity Suite
File share support for shares migrated to campus standard configuration

What LSIT Does

LSIT addresses these needs
General IT Consulting and assistance above and beyond CSS IT
Website consulting, hosting and maintenance
L&S Shared file server and Permissions (some L&S customers)
Print server and printing quotas

Other IT Providers

Other UC Berkeley IT Providers
Local departmental IT Staff (where they exist)
Research, Teaching & Learning (RTL)
Student Affairs IT (SAIT)
UCSF Document and Media printer support (if printer has a UCSF label)