1. How will students be notified if they have been guaranteed a spot in the HD major they selected on their UC Berkeley application (subject to completing prerequisites, maintaining good academic standing in L&S and filing a declaration form)?

At the time of admission to UC Berkeley: Students will be notified via a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, which will confirm that a seat is reserved for them in the HD major (that was listed as their primary major) on their UC Berkeley application.

After students matriculate: If the student selected a high-demand major on their UC Berkeley application, this will be displayed in the student's Cal Central record under the "My Academics" section. The student's record will officially list "Undeclared" as their major, but underneath "undeclared," it will display "Applied HD" and the specific high-demand major that was selected on their UC Berkeley application. 


Screenshot of CalCentral dashboard - sample student record showing where student's major shows up