L&S Guidelines for Lecturer Appointments

To request an appointment or reappointment for a Pre-six Lecturer, please complete this form

To request a change in appointment, including a Temporary Augmentation, for a Continuing Lecturer, please complete this form.

The L&S Deans' Office will prepare the appointment letter and email it to the departmental academic personnel analyst and/or manager, usually within 5-10 business days.

Please note: new appointments and reappointments for Pre-six Lecturers, and augmentations for Continuing Lecturers, may require pre-approval (position control) from your divisional dean. If you are unsure if this applies to your department, please contact your CAO. Forms submitted without the necessary pre-approvals may require additional processing time.

Questions regarding Unit-18 appointments should be emailed to: lslecturers@berkeley.edu


Guidelines for converting course workload to appointment percentages

Definitions of lecturer terms

Additional resources for lecturer appointments

Academic Personnel Office, UNIT 18 tools — Lecturer and Senior Lecturer

UC Office of the President, Unit 18 MOU contract text

Berkeley Campus Workload Standards for Unit 18

Academic Personnel Office checksheets:

Use the APO checksheet for excellence review [C-4] and merit increase for continuing lecturer [C-6].