Conversations with Charter Hill Society for the Social Sciences members

The Charter Hill Society for the Social Sciences includes more than 250 members from around the world. Our members receive custom newsletters, communications, and advance invitations to special events. They also hold member networking events in the Bay Area, around the country, and beyond.

Read the interviews below to learn why our members decided to join CHS and how they make a difference through their support.

Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Professor Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Economics Professor Yuriy Gorodnichenko and talks about his research and mentorship at UC Berkeley, and why he chose to join the Charter Hill Society for Economics.

Troy Paredes '92

Troy Paredes '92

In the Alumni spotlight, we showcase our Cal Berkeley Alumni from near and far. We are thrilled to feature Troy Paredes, whose impressive career led to his appointment as a Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by President George W. Bush in 2008, and was followed by a thriving consulting career.

Melanie Dulbecco '83

Melanie Dulbecco '83

Melanie Dulbecco has been at the helm of Torani for the past 20 years, leading the organization through extraordinary growth.

Joy and Mark Gall

Dr. Mark Gall ‘68 and Dr. Joyce Gall ‘70

Mark and Joy Gall met while earning their doctoral degrees in the Department of Psychology at UC Berkeley. Since then, they have devoted themselves to school improvement, both by teaching university courses and workshops and by co-authoring books on research methodology, teaching methods, teacher education, and study skills.

Scott McDonald '73

Scott McDonald '73

Scott McDonald became the CEO and President of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) in March 2017. Prior to joining the ARF, he held senior research positions at leading global media companies, including 18 years at Time Warner and 14 years at Conde Nast, covering both the consumer and the advertising sides of the media business.

Michael Quigley

Honorary Chair Michael Quigley '80

Michael Quigley ’80 joined the Charter Hill Society in 2014 and is the Honorary Chair for South Korea. We asked him about his path at Cal and about how the events of 2020 have affected his work at Kim & Chang, one of the world’s top 100 law firms.


Honorary Chairs Tina and David Walton

Tina (‘91, East Asian Languages and Economics) and David Walton (‘86, JD in Law) both graduated from UC Berkeley, though they only first met after their graduation, when they were both living in Seattle. Their marriage led them first to Hong Kong, and eventually to their permanent home in Singapore. There, David is the Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for BOC Aviation and Tina is a published author. As honorary chairs, they recently made their gift to Fiat Lux Scholarships in order to support students who may otherwise not be able to afford the cost of tuition. “We both would like to play some small part in helping others get through Berkeley free from the pressure that student debt will inevitably create.”

Addy Spiller

Honorary Chair Addy Spiller '00 Economics

Alumna Addy Spiller '00 Economics, a long-time supporter of the Economics Department through the Charter Hill Society for the Social Sciences, shares in a Q&A why she chose to support CHS in a leadership role as an honorary chair and what she appreciates about her Berkeley experience.