L&S Deans' Office

Organizational Charts

Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Amy Robinson, (510) 642-3331: Responsible for L&S and campus policies, administrative issues, financial and workload data, and college-wide budget issues

Executive Associate Deans

International Programs: Trond Petersen, (510) 642-6423

Development and College Relations

General contact: LSGiving@berkeley.edu; (510) 642‑3070. Planning and management of annual, major, and principal gifts in support of the divisions of Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Math & Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Undergraduate Studies.

Assistant Dean of Development: Carroll Christman, Arts & Humanities,(510) 642‑9696

Assistant Dean of Development: Kirsten Swan, Biological Sciences, (510) 643‑2228

Assistant Dean of Development: Maria Hjelm, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, (510) 642‑2979

Assistant Dean of Development: Christian Gordon, Social Sciences, (510) 666‑2725

Assistant Dean of Development: Nadean Lindberg, Undergraduate Studies, (510) 664‑7693

Director of Development: Karen Booth, Arts & Humanities, (510) 642‑3384

Director of Development: Jilliann M'Barki, Biological Sciences/Mathematical & Physical Sciences, (510) 643‑2227

Assistant Director of Development: Anya Essiounina, Social Sciences, (510) 642‑9722

Assistant Director of Development: Erik Lehto, Social Sciences, (510) 664‑4548

Assistant Director of Development: Tim Schneider, Biological Sciences/Mathematical & Physical Sciences, (510) 664‑4548

Associate Director of Development: Andre Wilkins, Arts & Humanities, (510) 643‑1069

See the College Relations page for the full list of staff contacts for issues related to L&S donations, fundraising and development.

Human Resources

Human Resources Director: Nick Dear, (510) 643-2695: staff personnel issues, including hiring, managing performance, grievances, termination, and policy & procedure interpretation

Information Technology

Contact for Information Technology

See the L&S IT website for staff in this unit.

Communications and Web Content

Communications: Communications, L&S website, news, press releases

Divisional Administration and Executive Assistants to the Deans

Executive Dean of the College - Dean Janet Broughton - Randi Shussett(510) 642-5195

Arts & Humanities - Dean Anthony J. Cascardi - Andrew Susskind(510) 642-5396

Biological Sciences - Dean Michael R. Botchan - Ashley Dawn, (510) 642-5716

Mathematical & Physical Sciences - Dean Frances Hellman - Ashlee Baylis, (510) 642-5872

Social Sciences - Dean Kim Voss - Randi Shussett, (510) 642-5195

Undergraduate Studies: Jeannie Adams, (510) 642-5640

Directors of Academic Administration

Responsible for L&S policies and procedures, especially all academic personnel matters including appointments, merit reviews, promotions, lecturers, and postdocs.

Arts & Humanities: Rochelle Niccolls Ford, (510) 643-9675

Biological Sciences: Hanna Knight, (510) 664-5121

Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Vinaya Gokarn, (510) 643-1212

Social Sciences: Jessica Knowlton, (510) 642-1108

Undergraduate Studies: Jean Delaney, (510) 643-5315

Academic Personnel Analysts

All non-senate academic personnel issues.

Arts & Humanities: Javier Martinez, (510) 664-4947

Social Sciences: TBD, (510) 664-7966

Divisional Assistant Deans, Finance and Administration

Budget issues, including Temporary Academic Staffing (TAS) funds, annual budget request, faculty start-up & retention

Arts & Humanities: Anna Weidman, (510) 642-2177

Biological Sciences: Lee Borrowman, (510) 642-5196

Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Wanda Nieters, (510) 642-3401

Social Sciences: TBD, (510) 642-7614

Undergraduate Studies: Jean Delaney, (510) 643-5315

Financial Analysts

Kris Leonardo, (510) 642-3176

Zulfat Mathers, (510) 664-9997


Available to serve the College of Letters & Science with new construction, maintenance and operations services and support. 

Director of Facilities: Brian Joseph, (510) 643-9934 (office), (510) 812-5750 (cell)

See the Facilities webpage for additional staff in this unit.

Graduate Student Outreach

Graduate student outreach and retention, diversity issues

Arts & Humanities: Alberto Ledesma, (510) 642-5575

Biological Sciences: Audrey Knowlton, (510) 642-5113

Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Colette Patt(510) 642-0794; Elana Sabolch, (510) 642-0919

Social Sciences: Ira Young, (510) 642-5777

Undergraduate Studies Staff

Director of Administration: Jean Delaney, (510) 643-5315

Dean's Assistant: Jeannie Adams, (510) 642-5640

Director, Office of Undergraduate Advising: Roseanne Fong, (510) 642-3889

Academic Planning Director: Alix Schwartz, (510) 642-8378

Office of Undergraduate Research Director: Sean Burns, (510) 642-3795