2022-23 New Faculty, Welcome!

Meet the new faculty!


Assistant Professor, Kirk Bansak

Kirk Bansak, Assistant Professor: Political Science 

PhD, Stanford University

Research interests: Causal inference, Political economy, Public opinion, Refugee resettlement, Algorithmic decision-making.

Website: https://www.kirkbansak.com

Professor, Elora Shehabuddin

Elora Shehabuddin, Professor: Global Studies & Gender and Women's Studies

PhD, Princeton University

Research interests: Muslim women's activism; transnational feminism; South Asia; Islam and politics; political economy of gender.

Assistant Professor, Nano Barahona: Economics

Nano Barahona, Assistant Professor: Economics 

PhD, Stanford University

Research interests: Industrial Organization and Public Economics.

Website: https://hbaraho.github.io/

Andrew Wooyoung Kim, Assistant Professor

Andrew Wooyoung Kim, Assistant Professor: Anthropology

PhD, Northwestern University

Research interests:  Intergenerational trauma, culture & mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, stress physiology, epigenetics, developmental origins of health & disease, biocultural anthropology, racial justice, critical and decolonial approaches to biological anthropology.

Professor, Keanan Joyner, Psychology

Keanan Joyner, Assistant Professor: Psychology

PhD, Florida State University

Research interests: Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Mental Health, Electroencephalogram (EEG), Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA).

Assistant Professor, William Thompson

William Thompson, Assistant Professor: Psychology 

PhD, University of Edinburgh

Research interests: problem-solving, reasoning, semantics, social technologies, and cultural evolution. Science, Survey Methodology.

Professor Federico Echenique

Federico Echenique, Professor: Economics

PhD, UC Berkeley

Research interests: I am an economic theorist, with interests in the matcing and market design, the algorithmic economics (an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of computer science and economics), and revealed preference theory.

Hidetaka Hirota, History Professor

Hidetaka Hirota, Associate Professor: History

PhD, Boston College

Research interests: United States history; immigration; law and policy; transnational history; global migration.

Stephanie Zonszein, Assistant Professor: Political Science

Stephanie Zonszein, Assistant Professor: Political Science 

 PhD, New York University  

Research interests: Race, Ethnicity and Immigration Politics, Political Behavior, Causal Inference.

Website: http://stephaniezonszein.com/

Assistant Professor Quitzé Valenzuela-Stookey

Quitzé Valenzuela-Stookey, Assistant Professor: Economics

PhD, Northwestern University

Research interests: Economic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Allocation mechanisms, coordination in markets, discrimination Groups.

Website: https://www.quitzevalenzuelastookey.com/about

Professor, Ussama Makdisi

Ussama Makdisi, Professor: History

PhD, Princeton University

Research interests: Middle East. 

Associate Professor, Michael Rodriguez-Muniz

Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz, Associate Professor: Sociology 

PhD, Brown University

Research interests: Race/ethnicity; Latinx identity and politics; the sociology of knowledge and culture; Du Boisian Sociology; and qualitative methods.

Assistant Professor, Rebekah Ramsay

Rebekah Ramsay, Assistant Professor: History

PhD, Emory University

Research interests: Soviet history, Central Asian history, law and empire, race and gender, 20th-century internationalism, oral histories and archives.

Assistant Professor, Omar Wasow

Omar Wasow, Assistant Professor: Political Science 

PhD, Harvard

Research interests: Race, politics and statistical methods.

Professor Lorena Oropeza, Ethnic Studies

Lorena Oropeza, Professor: Ethnic Studies 

PhD, Cornell University

Research Interests: Chicanx history, history of U.S. foreign relations, gender, social movements, and historicizing DEIBJ.

Assistant Professor, Micah Khater

Micah Khater, Assistant Professor: African American Studies 

PhD, Yale University

Research interests: Black feminist studies, Carceral studies, Disability studies, Histories of the US South, and Fugitivity.