Advice for Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Best Practices

Prepared by the Pedagogy Task Force for Social Science: Sabrina C. Agarwal, Elena Schneider, Jon Steinsson, and Kevin S. Weiner

L&S Guidelines for Lecturer Appointments

To request an appointment, reappointment or change of appointment for a pre-six lecturer, please fill out the appropriate lecturer appointment form here. (All forms are in Word document format). Each form indicates the documentation you will need. The form can replace or must accompany a request letter from the chair.

Related guidelines and forms:

L&S Lecturer Forms

Updated: May 2020 

Pre-six Lecturers

Human Resources

Human Resources Support

Human Resources support is available from the Deans' Office in all areas of staff personnel matters. If you have any questions related to policies, union contracts, performance management, job descriptions, classification levels, salary, training, reorganization, reduction in force, etc., please contact the Human Resources Manager, Nick Dear, ext. 3-2695.

How do you cultivate a healthy plant microbiome?

December 6, 2019

A new study led by Britt Koskella, a UC Berkeley assistant professor of integrative biology, used experimental evolution to help identify the core microbiome of commercial tomatoes

Steven Weber Deconstructs the Future, Bloc by Bloc

October 22, 2019

Steven Weber, a professor of political science and information and director of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity makes his case on the future of the global enterprise in his new book, Bloc by Bloc: How to Build a Global Enterprise for the New Regional Order. Weber, one of the world’s most expert practitioners of scenario planning, argues that the worldwide network will not completely collapse, but will instead be redefined by the development of competing regional blocs.

Economist Ted Miguel awakens to Nobel Prize dream — well, almost

October 16, 2019

Berkeley eonomist Ted Miguel and his former Ph.D. adviser at Harvard, Michael Kremer, have worked on a poverty-fighting project in Kenya since the 1990s. This groundbreaking project was among the research cited in the announcement of Kremer's 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics, and Miguel has been invited to attend the ceremony.