UC Berkeley commencement for class of 2021 speaks on preservation

December 20, 2021

The graduating class of 2021 shared a single emotion: preservation. Being able to survive the most recent years strengthened the class and created a sense of connection and family between its members.

During Saturday’s commencement, the host, campus Associate Dean of Students Alfred Day, recognized the original settlers of the Berkeley area, the Huchiun. He acknowledged everyone benefits from the land in the Berkeley area and that it is the responsibility of the UC Berkeley community to acknowledge these original residents and their current prosperity.

“Consistent with our values of community diversity and inclusion, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and make visible the university’s relationship to Native peoples,” Day said at the event.

After this acknowledgment, Day introduced the student speaker, Sahar Formoli, a student from Sacramento who graduated with a double major in political science and molecular and cell biology.

The Daily Californian