Welcoming New Faculty to the Social Sciences Division

Please Join me in welcoming new faculty to the Social Sciences Division!

As of January 2020, we have had eleven extraordinary new faculty join the Social Sciences community. Learn about their talents below!

Aarti Sethi, Anthropology

Aarti Sethi, Assistant Professor (2021), Assistant Researcher through 2020-21: Anthropology| Ph.D., Columbia University

Research interests: Agrarian Anthropology; Rural Life; Feminist Anthropology; Political Economy; Comparative Religion; South Asia; Debt and Capitalism; Cinema and Media Culture; Ecstatic Experience, Embodiment and Aesthetics; Theories of Mind, Language and Subjectivity; Caste, Structural Violence and Socio-Economic Inequality.

Chen Lian, Economics

Chen Lian, Assistant Professor: Economics | Ph.D., MIT

Research interests: Macroeconomics Theory, Behavioral Macroeconomics, Behavioral Theory, Macro-finance

Ellora Derenoncourt, Economics

Ellora Derenoncourt, Assistant Professor: Economics| Ph.D., Harvard University

Research interests: Economic history, labor economics, inequality

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Sydnee Caldwell, Economics

Sydnee Caldwell, Assistant Professor: Economics |Ph.D., MIT

Research interests: Wage-setting, Bargaining, Labor Supply, Gender Wage Gap

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Vira Semenova, Economics

Vira Semenova, Assistant Professor: Economics| P.h.D., MIT

Research interests: Econometrics and Machine Learning

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Sara Mameni, Ethnic Studies

Sara Mameni, Assistant Professor: Ethnic Studies| Ph.D.,  UC San Diego

Research interests: Art, Aesthetics and Visual Culture, Transnational Feminism, Queer of Color Critique, Arab/Muslim Disapora, Critical Race and Postcolonial Theory, Anthropocene, Extractive Economies and Petrocultures

Clancy Wilmott, Geography

 Clancy Wilmott, Assistant Professor: Geography |Ph.D., University of Manchester 

Research interests: Critical Cartography, Digital Geographies, Spatial Media and Mapping, GIS, Ways of Knowing, Postcolonial Landscapes

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Bernadette Pérez, History

Bernadette Pérez, Assistant Professor: History | Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research interests: U.S. History, American West, Latinx History, Indigenous History, Relational Race Studies, Agricultural and Environmental History, Migration, Labor & Capitalism, Transnational History, U.S. - Mexico Borderlands, U.S. - Latin Relations and Empire and Settler Colonialism

Gašper Beguš, Linguistics

Gašper Beguš, Assistant Professor: Linguistics| Ph.D., Harvard

Research interests: Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Historical Linguistics & Indo-European 

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David Broockman, Political Science

David Broockman, Associate Professor: Political Science| Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 

Research interests: Public opinion, Political representation, and Political Campaigns in the United States.

Danya Lagos, Sociology

Danya Lagos, Assistant Professor: Sociology| Ph.D., University of Chicago

Research interests: Sex and Gender, Demography, Survey Methods, Health, Social Change & Phenomenology 

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