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Giving to L&S Academic Programs

Office of Development and College Relations

The L&S Development and College Relations Office is responsible for raising private support for all L&S departments from alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations, and provides leadership and assistance to the campus community. 

A Dance Teacher's Legacy

Photo of Sunni BlolandEducating the Whole Student Through the Sunni Bloland Lectureship in Dance

Investing in the Biological Sciences

While our research is always advancing and our teaching is always improving, our core needs remain constant. It is our people – faculty and students – who bring excellence to Berkeley, so funding for faculty positions and graduate student fellowships are our very top priorities.



Grateful for Perspective

Will Lucas '18, photo by Jim Block

Who I Am

William Lucas, Class of 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Grateful for Self-Confidence

Yuyang Zhong '21 photo by Jim BlockWho I Am

Yuyang Zhong, Class of 2021, San Francisco, CA

How Donors Helped

Leadership Fund donors support Freshman and Sophomore Seminars, small classes that give undergraduates a chance to explore interesting subjects in intimate settings.

Grateful for My Campus Community

Tasmia Hussain '21, photo by Jim Block

Who I Am

Tasmia Hussain, Class of 2021, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

How Donors Helped

Leadership Fund donors underwrote this year’s first-ever Golden Bear Orientation, a welcome program that focuses on academic opportunities to help students like me get the best of Berkeley from day one.

Grateful for Opportunities

Patricia Hernandez, photo by Jim Block

Who I Am

Patricia Hernandez, Class of 2018, Los Angeles, CA