Prospective Students - Graduates

Application Etiquette

As you move through your undergraduate years and into graduate school, you will have increasing contact with graduate students and faculty in your discipline. Knowing how to interact with them can be helpful as you begin to negotiate a larger sphere with future colleagues and mentors. Building strong relationships begins with your initial interactions with busy faculty members and graduate students. As you begin to apply to graduate school, please keep the following suggestions in mind:

Writing Sample

In the humanities, the writing sample is just as crucial, if not more crucial, than the statement of purpose. Therefore, an applicant should place considerable importance and a great amount of effort into producing a writing sample. In general, admission committees evaluate an applicant's ability to synthesize ideas, concepts, or theories, and logically take a stand and argue them. Faculty would like to admit potential graduate students whose intellectual abilities and curiosity are highly advanced and are evident in the writing sample.

Graduate Students

Did you know that more undergraduates go on to earn a Ph.D. here at Berkeley than at any other college or university in the country? The stellar quality of Berkeley’s graduate students and programs, combined with the dynamic partnership between the faculty and graduate students on this campus, are the foundation upon which Berkeley's world-celebrated excellence in research and teaching is achieved and sustained. Few if any universities in the world can equal the excellence of our graduate programs.