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Information for Prospective Students

Diverse CrowdA diverse graduate student population is important to the UC Berkeley as both a state institution and a land grant school.

Our Faculty

Learning From the Best

At the heart of UC Berkeley's achievements and reputation is a faculty second to none, honored around the globe for its intellectual preeminence. Berkeley's professors are pioneers — researchers and scholars who change the world with their accomplishments and shape the minds of future generations with their engaging teaching skills.

Funding Your Graduate Education

For graduate study, universities support students through fellowships, teaching appointments, research assistant positions, or a combination of these sources. The monies available are often dependent on the size of departments' and schools' endowments and resources that may be available through the Graduate Division. Each school or department has its own methods of distributing fellowship funds. Keep in mind that little funding is usually available for terminal master's degree students.

Tips for Completing UC Berkeley's Fellowship Application (Form C and Personal Statement)

Tips for Completing UC Berkeley's Fellowship Application, Form C

  • Complete every field. If it does not apply to you, then indicate, "not applicable."
  • Obtain the most recent figures from documents that you have in your possession, such as loan or income statements.
  • Be thoughtful and accurate when completing the fields about your resources for the upcoming academic year.
  • Additional living expenses can add up quickly; estimate these carefully, and don't overlook relocation expenses.

Personal Statement Instructions

Finding the Best Program Match

Identifying the best programs for you to apply to is a formidable task. You should start as soon as you begin to think about graduate school. By learning about graduate programs, you will have a sense of the nature of individual programs (for example, small or large, reputation, specialties, graduation rates). Similarly, if you are familiar with the requirements of a program, you can also align your current coursework to strengthen your preparation for graduate school. Please consider the following activities:

Academic Preparation

As you consider graduate school programs, note the requirements and the backgrounds of competitive students. Keeping this information in mind, review your courses and experiences. Please consider the following as your evaluate your academic preparation:

Getting Ready for Graduate School

It's never too early to begin preparing for graduate school. In fact, many of the choices you make throughout your time as an undergraduate will influence your readiness for graduate studies. UC Berkeley offers these tools and opportunities to help you make the most of your undergraduate experience.

Demystifying the Application Process

Applying to graduate school can be a formidable process. Improve your chances of securing a spot in the right graduate program by reviewing the following tools and tips to assist you in the application process.