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Newly Admitted Freshmen and Transfers

If you are a newly admitted freshman, and need to postpone your enrollment at Berkeley, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss deferral.

Freshmen & Transfers:
Withdrawing or Cancelling your registration prior to the first day of instruction will result in a cancellation of your admission to Berkeley.   If you wish to return at a later date, you would be subject to the application and selection process again.  


Students who have a strong interest in an area of study outside their major often decide to complete a minor program. For a list of L&S minors, refer to the Berkeley Academic Guide or visit the appropriate academic department.

Requirements vary by minor. For more information, consult with the undergraduate major adviser (UMA) in the department offering the minor.

High-Demand Majors

These majors have restrictions on who can declare them. If you pursue a high-demand major, be sure to fulfill the pre-requisites for a non-restricted alternative as well in case you are not admitted into your first choice.

Choosing a Major

Although University, College, and Berkeley campus requirements are essential components of the degree, your major program will be the central focus of the work you do for your Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Letters & Science. Students in a major program become familiar with the intellectual boundaries of a particular discipline, study particular aspects of that discipline in depth, and develop competence in the fundamental skills and methodologies related to it.

Undergraduate Advising Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Letters & Science Office of Undergraduate Advising is to:

  • Encourage intellectual curiosity, and stimulate academic and career exploration,
  • Promote the benefits and value of a liberal arts education,
  • Foster student development and success, and
  • Promote timely progress towards graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Statistics alum working to make Pittsburg a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants

March 20, 2017

Arturo Fernandez, a Berkeley alum, is leading the Pittsburg Sanctuary Organizing Committee currently working  to make Pittsburg a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Strategies for Course Selection

If you’re a new student, enroll in 13-15 units. Be flexible, you have lots of choices!

Freshmen should enroll in lower division courses numbered 1-99 (exceptions noted below).

Be fully enrolled by the end of Phase I, and in at least 13 units by the beginning of classes. Don’t count on getting into waitlisted courses!

Enrichment - L&S Undergraduate Advising

Academic enrichment opportunities serve students at every stage of their undergraduate careers. Below is a sample of enrichment opportunities used by L&S students.

Big Ideas@Berkeley

Berkeley Connect

Cal in the Capital

Passed/Not Passed Grades

The Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) grading option was designed to encourage students to explore new academic areas or take challenging, far-ranging courses without undue concern about grades. Passed grades require a level of performance at least equal to a letter grade of C-. Neither P nor NP grades affect the UC grade point average.