LS Advising

Delaney Ryan, Peer Adviser

Name: Delaney Ryan

Year and Major(s): Fourth, Political Science

About Me: I enjoy cooking, netflix, and going to new places

Hometown: San Diego

Favorite Thing About Peer Advising: Learning more about it!

Morgan Johnson, Peer Adviser

Year and Major(s): 3rd, Political Science and Legal Studies

About Me: Hi! I'm Morgan Johnson, a third year student studying Political Science and Legal Studies from Arcata, California. I love hiking, dogs, painting and sunrises! After graduating from Cal, I want to work on education reform.

Hometown: Arcata, CA

Favorite Thing about Peer Advising: Meeting students I usually wouldn't cross paths with!

Favorite TV Show: Suits or Madam Secretary

Asa Owusu-Darko, Peer Adviser

Year, Major: Junior, Political Economy

About Me: My name is Akua Asantewa Owusu-Darko but you can call me Asa. I am a Junior currently studying Political Economy. I am an international student from Ghana but I've lived in 4 different countries. I like to read, spend quality time with friends. I am quite approachable so please feel free to contact me with any questions :)

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Favorite Thing about Peer Advising: Getting to understand Cal better and meeting so many people.

Cristina Tenorio, Peer Adviser

Name: Cristina Tenorio

Year and Major(s): Third, Latin American Studies and Legal Studies

About Me: I love hanging out with my 3 dogs and 5 siblings; checking out new restaurants; watching documentaries

Hometown: Riverside, California

Yuze Wu, Peer Adviser

Name: Yuze Wu

Year and Major(s): Fourth. Economics and Psychology

About Me: Hi guys, my name is Yuze. I am an international student from China. I was admitted as an architecture major in CED, and later transferred to L&S and declared a double major here.

Cortney Connor

Name: Courtney Connor

Year and Major(s): Third, Integrative Biology

About Me: I love soccer, dance, hiking, skiing and swimming

Hometown: Los angeles

Favorite Thing About Peer Advising: Meeting new people and helping students

Manan Rohilla

Name: Manan Rohilla

Name and Major(s): Third, Economics

Aditi Ramakrishnan

Name: Aditi Ramakrishnan

Year and Major(s): Second, Economics and Business

Sabrina Khan

Name: Sabrina Khan

Year and Major(s): Second, Intended Data Science

About Me: I am a workaholic, compulsive shoe buyer, avid reader, and occasional sketch artist. I look forward to a good dose of Netflix after a long day and love adventuring through the Bay Area in search of the best restaurants!

Amber Feng

Name: Amber Feng

Year and Major(s): Third, Legal Studies and Economics

About Me: I love to play soccer, watch TV, read, online shop, and spend time with my friends! I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan, and I love musicals.

Hometown: Stockton, CA