LS Advising

Minimum Progress

Normal Progress

The College expects most students in Letters & Science to complete a degree in four years. Generally, this requires an average of 30 units of course work completed each year. The College has set the normal semester unit load for students in Letters and Science at 15 units. The College requires students to take a minimum course load of 13 units each semester. Class schedules with fewer than 13 units require approval.

Tips for Academic Success

  • Know the specific deadlines for adjusting and finalizing your schedule. Plan your semester accordingly.
  • Prioritize and organize your study and personal time into effective daily and weekly patterns.
  • Keep regular study hours and find the right kind of study environment for you.
  • Maintain a personal academic calendar to keep track of exam dates and deadlines for assignments. Plan and prepare for exams and papers in advance.

Academic Difficulty

Factors That Can Contribute to Academic Difficulty

Whether the difficulty is an isolated incident involving a disappointing grade or personal circumstances that greatly impacted their academics, students need to address the factor(s) below that contributed to their experience and seek immediate help from resources and support on campus.  The following list, in addition to the Office of Undergraduate Advising, has some resources that can be utilized by students.

Clarissa Mark

Intake Adviser

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
October 2013

B.S. Psychology, Minor: Sociology, University of California, San Diego

What's your favorite part of your job?
Working at the front desk, I get to meet and interact with lots of students, parents, Peer Advisers, and L&S Staff every day!

Tavi Clark

Graduate Student Intern

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
August 2015

Masters Candidate at San Francisco State University, MS in College and Career Counseling
BA in Theater and Psychology, Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts

Sara Veverka

College Adviser

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
August 2007

What is your approach to advising?
A student-centered approach that emphasizes each individual's academic success and personal development.

M.A., Counseling, St. Mary's College
B.A. in Liberal Studies, CSU Chico

Sonya Scott

College Adviser

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:

What is your approach to advising?
I approach each advising moment as a teachable moment.

MA, Career Development, John F. Kennedy University School of Management
BS, Business Administration, University of Southern California

How did you get here?
I've been working in higher education since 1990, as an Admission Counselor, Student Activities Coordinator, and Adviser at local colleges and universities.

Elizabeth Olin

College Project/Policy Analyst

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
2004-2009, 2012-present

What is your approach to advising?
I believe that every student has the potential to succeed at Berkeley. I am here to help students find their strengths and passions, and to guide them through their educational journey at UC Berkeley.

BA, Anthropology & History, UC Berkeley