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Events & Programs

Events & Programs 

Major Exploration

Seven Steps to Choose a Major

For a self-directed approach that allows you to take action now, this one-hour workshop is well worth your time. You'll leave with an individualized action plan that will help you strategically research and test out potential majors that match your interests, strengths, and goals.

L&S Peer Advising

Peer Advising Hours 2018-2019 

AskLnS Peers is a program designed to provide drop-in advising for students in the College of Letters & Science. Peers offer advising at different locations around campus. In the evenings, you can find them in the residence halls during Fall and Spring semesters. There is no appointment required, so feel free to drop-in any time!

2018-2019 Peer Advisers

Seven-Course Breadth Requirement

To satisfy Seven-Course Breadth at Berkeley follow these guidelines:

Now Hiring Peer Advisers & Graduate Mentors

November 27, 2018


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Letters & Science is now accepting applications for Undergraduate Student Peer Advisor positions. 

Applications are due at 11:59 PM on Monday, January 21st 2019.

$15/hr or academic credit.

Enrichment - L&S Undergraduate Advising

Academic enrichment opportunities serve students at every stage of their undergraduate careers. Below is a sample of enrichment opportunities used by L&S students.

Big Ideas@Berkeley

Berkeley Connect

Cal in the Capital

Course Load Limits

In general, a standard course load is 15 units of course work per semester. L&S requires all students to take 13 units minimum each semester, except in cases where the dean has approved a course load with fewer units.  Be aware of Deadlines Dates for Class Schedule Changes that apply only to regular fall and spring semesters.

Academic Probation

Academic probation is a serious matter. Students who do not clear academic probation by the end of the next semester (fall or spring) of enrollment will be subject to dismissal by the College of Letters & Science. It is very important for students to meet with a College Adviser to understand their academic status and make sure they are aware of the steps they should take to return to good academic standing.


Students who do not meet the terms of academic probation may be dismissed from the College. This is not necessarily the end of a student's academic career at UC Berkeley. Many strong students have been dismissed and have been able to return and graduate from Berkeley. In order to resume studies at Berkeley, students will need to be readmitted by the Deans' Conference.

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