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New Sloan Research Fellows Announced

February 15, 2018

Three L&S faculty,  Supreet Kaur and Danny Yagan of the Department of Economics, and Norman Yao of the Department of Physics, have been named 2018 Sloan Research Fellows.

Department of African American Studies hosts Black History Month events

February 1, 2018
In honor of Black History Month, Berkeley’s Department of African American Studies is hosting several events throughout February.

At Davos, psychologist explains machismo that gave rise to #MeToo

January 26, 2018
The lone male voice on a distinguished panel on gender, power and sexual harassment, UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner this week offered research insights into male sexual aggression and the backlash that has sparked the #MeToo movement.

Moms, sisters, wives rank among most 'difficult' kin

January 18, 2018

Most of us put up with whiners, naggers, control freaks and other annoying people in our lives for good reason – we’re related to them.

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Bar-Ilan University in Israel sought to understand the reason people don’t just ditch the difficult or demanding people in their families and wider social networks.

History professor's 'Work of the Dead' wins 2018 Shannon Prize

January 16, 2018
In selecting “The Work of the Dead,” a book by UC Berkeley history professor Thomas W. Laqueur, to receive the 2018 Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies, the jury praised its examination of how and why the living have cared for the dead in western Europe since the 18th century as a monumental achievement.

Berkeley anthropologist honored with 2017 Huxley Award

January 17, 2018
Margaret Conkey, a UC Berkeley professor emerita of anthropology known for her pioneering exploration of feminist perspectives and gender issues in archaeology as well as new interpretations of European cave paintings from the Paleolithic era, is the Royal Anthropological Institute’s 2017 Thomas J. Huxley Memorial Medal recipient.

Fighting misogyny in economics: Alice Wu, take a bow

January 11, 2018

In Alice Wu's honors thesis, written when she was a UC Berkeley undergraduate, she found and detailed rampant gender stereotyping and misogyny on the popular and anonymous online Economics Jobs Market Rumors (EJMR) forum. Last Friday, she appeared on an all-female panel at the American Economic Associaton's conference that publicly examined gender issues in economics.

What makes us click? Ask an online dating expert

January 2, 2018
Skyler Wang, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at UC Berkeley, has been tracking cultural trends in online dating. He refers to the practice as “relationshopping.”

UC Berkeley psychology research inspires art world's first 'empathy center'

December 19, 2017
Can art penetrate the walls that divide us and make us kinder? A Minneapolis museum, inspired by UC Berkeley psychology research, plans to find out.

Trump taps L&S alumna to lead FDIC

December 14, 2017

Jelena McWilliams, a Yugoslavian immigrant with degrees from UC Berkeley, has been nominated to lead the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which regulates the nation’s banking system.